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 Confectionary Infections A Low Watt Document


Confectionary Infections

"A Low Watt Document"

This is a compilation

that came out in 2002 on Shut Eye Records

It features Rob Glen,

Sister Morales & Lisa Novak

My song is Track 11 on the compilation



Thomas Patrick Maguire The Papertown EP Front Cover

May 2003

The Papertown ep

"A modest gem" - Newsday

This is a five song ep that is out on Luv-A-Lot Records

        Track Listing:


2.What's Your Malfunction

3.Leaving Now

4.Now That Things Are Not So Well
5.Nothing That Stitches Can't Sew


Protest Records Logo

March 2003

This is a label started by Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) & Chris Habib. The site features "Why You Gotta Do It Too" in Vol. 7, # 63 of their music library of protest music.

Secret Salemander Album Cover


Secret Salamander-Fahey

This is the second album from Secret Salemander. Track 12. Nope None Not Nil, Thomas Patrick Maguire plays bass & guitar.

Luv-A-Lot Compliation Cover

October 17, 2003

This is a 2 disc compilation that is out on Luv-A-Lot Records. It features Toby Goodshank, The Babyskins, Turner Cody, Chris Maher & many others. Thomas Patrick Maguire's song Mirrors & Smoke is track 12 on Disc 2 of the compilation. The compilation can be purchased at Olive Juice Music.

Anti Up The Magazine Vol 1 Cover

November 2003


This is a CD compilation that is a part of ANTI UP MAGAZINE. It features Joe Benedik, Linda Draper, Lippe, American Anymen, Joie DBG, Soce The Elemental Wizard, Chirs Maher, Brer Brian, Steve Shiffman, The Purple Organ, Danny Kelly, & many more great artists. Thomas Patrick Maguire's track 11 "Nothing That Stitches Can't Sew".  This compilation can be purchased @ Antifolk


Pissing Streams Front Cover 
  January 3rd 2004

         This is the 1st full length album from Thomas Patrick Maguire.

      Track Listing:

1) Papertown
11)The Party
2)What's Your Malfunction
12)Almost Your Son
3)Leaving Now
13)Christian Love
4)You Could Go, You Could Stay
14)I'm Bitter
5)Now That Things Are Not So Well
15)Responsible Man
16)Nothing That Stitches Can't Sew
17)My Stituation
8)Toin Coss
18) Sometimes
9)Drunk Stumbling Guy
10)Female Kamikaze Red Zone
20)The Audience

21) Hospital

The Truth About Nothing: A RiYL Records Compilation CD

Various Artists - The Truth About Nothing: A RiYL Records Compilation (CD)

Featuring "Now That Things Are Not So Well " from Thomas Patrick Maguire and other various artists such as Chris Maher, Secret Salamander, Jon Sebastian

Woodside Lanes Album Cover
April 30th 2005

This is the 2nd full length album from Thomas Patrick Maguire.

Track Listing:

1. The Remedy
8. This Badge
2. Negative Hill
9. She Won't Say

3. Mind Crop

10. My Own Personal Earthquake
4. Christian Mob
11. Avoiding People
5. Mother's Womb
12. Silent Attack.
6. My Hands Were Tied
13. Please Don't Go
7. The Pop Disease Machine


        at The Creek Compliation Cover

September 2007

Crowin' at the Creek and the Cave Compilation (Out of Print)

This is a compliation featuring the song "Divorce Man" from Thomas Patrick Maguire. Also featured on the CD is Best Blanket, Paul Alexander, Tom Drake and Jon Burger & more.

A Slight Return Front Cover

December 25th 2007

This is the 3rd full length album from Thomas Patrick Maguire - A Slight Return

A Slight Return Track listings:

1.Mirrors & Smoke
2.Baseball Boatman
3.Pat Gives Me the Post on Sunday
4.Imaginary Trophy
5.Unemployment Dreams
6.Ashamed Again
7.Traffic Jam
8.Like An Idiot
9.One Way, Long Drive
10.Evening News
11.Why You Gotta Do It Too
13.Now She's Not Looking Back(Relationship Trigger)
14.Thank You

Club Mate Plays the Songs of Thomas Patrick

September 2008

Club Mate Plays the Songs of Thomas Patrick Maguire

Track Listing

1. What is Your Malfunction
2. Baseball Boatman
3.Now That Things Are Not So Well
4.One Way Long Drive
5.Nothing That Stitches Can't Sew
6. Avoiding People
7.Responsible Man
8. Pat Gives Me The Post on Sunday
9. Underneath/ Negative Hill
10. Backfire
11. Evening News
12. Hospital
13. Toin Coss
14. Mirrors and Smoke
15. Unemployment Dreams
16. Who Do You Give Your Money To?
17. The Remedy
18. You Could Go, You Could Stay
19. Papertown

Apple Jack Compliation

April 2009 

This is a compliation from the Applejack  #5 Fanzine entitled "Holding Hands with Debutants". It features the track "My Hands Were Tied".  It features: Jack F.E, Ucis of the Dead, Member of the Wedding, Bonsai Projects, Überaffe, O’Messy Life, Edam Edam, Moustache of Insanity, and The Johns. To get more info go here:

Corporation Town EP Front Cover

May 26, 2009

This is the 2nd EP from Thomas Patrick Maguire- Corporation Town EP

Corporation Town Track Listing:

1. Corporation Town
2. Worn Clothes
3. Invitation to Leave
4. I'm Listening to Jon Sebastain
5. Divorce Man

Corporation Town EP Cover

August 7, 2010

Corporation Town 7" Record

A Side - Corporation Town
B Side- Divorce Man

Temper Tantrums Cause Delays Album Cover

October 8, 2010

Temper Tantrums Cause Delays

1. Corporation Town
2. The Losing Bout
3. Divorce Man
4. Who Do You Give Your Money To
5. Invitation To Leave
6. You Call Me Over
7. The Contestants
8. Worn Clothes
9. Dyslexic Youth
10. Lines (Still Wating)
11. I'm Listening to Jon Sebastian
12. Promise Me You'll Be Alright
13. I'm Not An Elitist
14. Drunken Bird

February 12, 2011

Brooklyn Tea Party Compliation

Featuring "Papertown" performed live by Thomas Patrick Maguire.

 An album recorded live during shows at The Brooklyn Tea Party, featuring performances by: Barry Bliss, Berth Control, Boom Chick, Brook Pridemore's Gory Details, Ching Chong Song, Crazy and the Brains, Huggabroomstik, Kung Fu Crime Wave, Schwervon!, The Debutant Hour, The Everybody Knows, The Fools, The Purple Organ, The Telethons, Toby Goodshank,  The Wowz & Yaya Hurman Dune.

January 17, 2012

The Future's Coming So Fast

1. Unemployment Dreams
2. Nothing That Stitches Can't Sew
3. Mirrors & Smoke
4. The Remedy
5. What's Your Malfunction
6. Avoiding People
7. Papertown
8. Evening News
9. Now That Things Are Not So Well
10. Now She's Not Looking Back (Relationship Trigger)
11. Responsible Man
12. Negative Hill
13. This Badge
14. Departed
15. Female Kamikaze Red Zone
16. One Way, Long Drive
17. How To Fight (Maspeth Buzz)
18. Beer In The Fridge
19. Instruction Manual
20. Second Take

        Suppression Gentleman Drunk

July 24, 2012

No Supression, Gentleman Drunk

1. Empty Chairs And Low Guitars
2. Jazz Sounds
3. Waste Of A Girl
4. Really Don't Mind
5. Frankenstein Mind
6. Standing On The Street
7. Mother Whiskey
8. So Naive
9. Free To Be Shot
10. A Wild Horse
11. When She Cries


December 7, 2014

In The Bag Cover art

In the Bag

1. Oh America
2. Ghost In The Room
3. Brooklyn Nights
4. Jew In A China Shop
5. House of Rain
6. The Tightrope
7. Burning Under Me
8. Soft Hands
9.  Just A Bastard
10. Whiskey Morning

Pissing Streams, Woodside Lanes, and A Slight Return,  Corporation Town EP and Temper Tantrums Cause Delays are now available @

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